Our Services

We use innovative technology to deliver better healthcare to South Africans on behalf of corporate clients and health insurers. We provide flexible work opportunities for our partners qualified healthcare providers who deliver our on-demand services across the country.

Workplace healthcare

Our health services ensure compliance for industries and organisations, but more importantly, they ensure the productivity, health, and wellbeing of your staff. Powered by technology, we make it easy for healthcare providers to monitor and improve the results of their patients – your employees or insurance clients.

We Offer:

Homecare Services for health insurers and corporates

With Welo, corporates and insurers can book homecare services for their clients/employees, whether short-term or long-term. Insured patients can be discharged from hospital and cared for in their own homes, which reduces the cost of hospital bills for insurers. Employers can also book homecare or virtual consultations for their remote workers, so employees save valuable time on doctors’ visits or queuing at the clinic.

Track your healthcare provider

Digital health diary

Track health of patient

Health triggers

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